RFID School SMS Attendance System in Kanpur

RFID school sms attendance system in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. When students' safety is prime concern and dangerous incidents at or around schools occur at an alarming rate, rfid based student attendance system with sms to parents' is the need of time. Schools in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh are all set to implement a high-tech solution that will enable the school and parents to monitor students’ entry into and exit from school. This sms based attendance monitoring system has already been adopted by many renowned schools in Kanpur.

How RFID Student Attendance System for School Works

  •  Upload students' excel to web server.
  •  Plug rfid device to power supply, connects in 10-15 seconds. Portable, wireless, plug and play.
  •  Student show I-Card on machine, instant SMS is delivered to parents mobile
  •  No need of computer and internet. Machine operates on mobile SIM / GPRS
  •  School Attendance data is stored on web server/cloud. Login to web server anytime from any where to view attendance reports.
  •  Daily In/Out SMS and absentee report.


  •  In/Out SMS to parents' mobile on enrty/exit of student from school
  •  Mobile App for Parents
  •  Daily absent employees report to school management.
  •  Automate school attendance, customized reports
  •  Birthday Wishes
  •  Event Notifications

SMS Attendance System Kanpur

One of the well know industrial cities of Uttar Predesh, with second largest area in state and widely know for its coaching institutes. Students across the country come there for engineering and coachings. RFID attendance can improve the productivity and quality of education. IIT Kanpur is most famous among all institutes. On its northern outskirts, Kanpur Zoological Park features orangutans and tigers. In the suburb of Jajmau is an ancient mound and archaeological site. School Pixa bring their expertise in RFID attendance systems for schools in Kanpur. RFID based student attendance system tracks individual identity using ID card, sends instant SMS to parents' mobile numbers, reports attendance and store data on web server/cloud for on demand retrieval.