RFID Attendance System For School Students With SMS

RFID school attendance system with sms. Student sms attendance system for school. School Pixa being the leading player in RFID attendance systems for schools combines the power of cloud and sms for school attendance system. RFID device tracks individual identity using ID card, sends instant SMS to parents' mobile numbers, reports attendance and store data on web server/cloud for on demand retrieval.


  •  In/Out SMS to parents' mobile on enrty/exit of student from school
  •  Mobile App and Web login for Parents
  •   Online School ERP, Report Card, Fees, Certificates, Payroll
  •  Daily absent employees report to school management.
  •  Free employee attendance
  •  SMS Notifications for events, Birthday Wishes
  •  Automate school attendance, customized reports

Why School Pixa

  •  Lowest price guaranteed.
  •  System under client's banner name.
  •  Open for hardware and software customizations.
  •  Both rental and purchase plans available.
  •  Free erp modules with RFID attendance solution
  •  GPRS based plug and play RFID devices

How RFID Student Attendance System for School Works

  •  Upload students' excel to web server.
  •  Plug rfid device to power supply, connects in 10-15 seconds. Portable, wireless, plug and play.
  •  Student show I-Card on machine, instant SMS is delivered to parents mobile
  •  No need of computer and internet. Machine operates on mobile SIM / GPRS
  •  School Attendance data is stored on web server/cloud. Login to web server anytime from any where to view attendance reports.
  •  Daily In/Out SMS and absentee report.


  •  Payroll added with rfid attendance system for school
  •   Wi-Fi based RFID school attendance launched
  •   Absent student SMS also added for RFID attendance
  •   Graphs added to show daily and monthly attendance data

School SMS Attendance System

RFID school attendance system with sms is a wireless RFID based student attendance system offering a complete online school sms attendance system. Students carry an RFID based I-Card with them during the school day. The card is shown to the device and reader identifies the student. The student's parents are then immediately informed by SMS that they have arrived on or have left the school premises. RFID attendance system for school generates multiple online reports allowing schools to accurately monitor each individual student's attendance. School Pixa is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wireless RFID smart card based student attendance management systems in India. We have been providing rfid attendance systems for schools and colleges across the country for six years. Both our hardware and software is fully customised to meet each client's requirements and budget after we conduct a detailed analysis of needs. School sms attendance system is inevitable future.