CBSE CCE Report Card Software

CBSE has made it mandatory from June 2010, for all CBSE schools to follow the CCE guidelines while preparing report cards for Std IX and X. School Pixa provides a revolutionary web based tool to generate CBSE CCE pattern report card as per the prescribed formats with minimal efforts. CBSE CCE report card software can be integrated with school ERP and grade sheet can be generated in custom templates provided by school.

Sample Report Card Template : Click to View

How it Works

  •  Upload students' data to web portal if students not added already.
  •  Feed assessment's marks for multipe students from a single page only.
  •  Assessment marks can also be uploaded from excel.
  •  Download CBSE CCE report card as pdf in default temlate from dashboard.
  •  Update parents about CGPA by SMS or email report card / grade sheet.
  •  Assessment marks and cbse report cards stored on web server/cloud. Login to web server anytime from any where to view cbse cce report card and marks.


  •  E-Report card on latest cbse pattern.
  •  Customized templates
  •  Notify CGPA updates to parents using SMS
  •  Email report card's soft copy to parents
  •   Excel upload features for assessment marks
  •   Integrated with student's attendance report
  •   Integrated with School ERP and pick students data automatically