Is RFID attendance system new to us? No, this is being used in corporate world for long time to track employees attendance and working hours. Obviously companies won’t like to waste productive work hours in monitoring and taking manual attendance the pen and paper way.

When we talk of schools, automation doesn’t seems priority. Almost 10% of teachers’ time is consumed in taking students’ attendance that could have been used better. The reason to stick with this approach could be the cost associated with automation. Cost has always been a deterring factor for schools as students paying capacity vary vastly and all are willing to pay higher. Also whats fits for corporate doesn’t necessarily meets the requirements of students attendance. RFID student attendance system in its raw form had certain limitations when used with students. Few of them are listed below

  • Frequency at which students enter or leave the school. One by one punch can create long queue
  • Bio metric is slow and fails to recognize wet fingers, soiled fingers easily. Students specially kids don’t wait that much

To overcome these challenges, companies like School Pixa come up with a new design of rfid student attendance system with sms to parents that is show below

RFID System for School

Features that differentiate it from traditional rfid student attendance system are listed below.

  • Its a attendance gate. Students just walk through and therefore no queue and no waiting
  • SMS also sent to parents immediately as soon as student’s attendance marked. Its on entry and exit of student from school. Apart from attendance, it adds a safety feature as well
  • RFID chip is embedded in I-Card itself so student doesn’t need to carry any other wearable
  • RFID student attendance system with SMS is connected to cloud and completely wireless. All data captured by device can be shared with parents and school and accessed from anywhere even on mobile.
  • Attendance device is multi purpose and can be used both for employee and students attendance.
  • Cost effective and no upfront cost. Parents just need to pay very nominal amount on monthly basis that is as low as Rs 20 / month / student