No technology comes with its disadvantages and RFID based student attendance system for schools is no exception to this. To begin with, lets start with pros of RFID attendance system. Each technological development or new innovation or technical advancement has its own particular upsides and downsides. At the point when RFID attendance system came, individuals were pondering about its proficiency, effectiveness and usefulness. But very soon, registers were replaced by rfid attendance systems for students. Just a I-Card embedded with embedded RFID chip became the new norm for student attendance in schools


No doubt it automates the attendance process, reduce time and improves efficiency. If a class teacher wastes 10 mins out of 50 mins class that amounts for 20% of total productive work hours. Attendance calculations are also automated


Traditional attendance system uses pen and paper. Then registers are stored and maintained. When attendance calculations are done, its very very hectic process and also includes chances of human error. RFID based student attendance system eliminates all this and make the process smooth.


Tracking and Security is the core feature. RFID system confirms your presence. When notification integrated with this, it notifies the concerned person immediately about your presence with time and location. Such service is of great help for school students where parents are concerned about their Kids.

Real Time Access

Any attendance data is readily available and if connected to cloud based systems can be accessed any time from anywhere. Its available as soon as attendance marked.


Its more accurate then manual attendance as we can’t get away with human errors. Also records can be manipulated for favoritism. RFID attendance system is accurate specially bio-metric attendance as finger expressions can’t be duplicate.

Green and Clean Way

No more need of papers and registers. e-form of attendance and green way.

Now we point out cons of RFID based student attendance system for schools.


School education is already getting expansive day by day and such technologies passing more pressure to parents. Many of them may not be willing to pay this and sounds luxury for them.

Too Much Tracking

We as humans are already surrounded with technology and radio waves varying from laptops, mobiles, microwaves etc. Inclusions of RFID based student attendance system specially for students increase mental pressure and fear. They might not feel free.

Health Issues

Though its not confirmed but few technologies on RFID attendance system for schools are debatable. Some research scholars claim health issues associated with RFID based student attendance tracking for school

TO conclude, we can only say, if price if not the constraint then benefits like security and efficiency improvement outweighs the  cons and would surely recommend to go for such technologies.