Possible Health Issues with UHF in Schools?

RFID is being used by a number of schools to track student attendance. The right solution depends on what approach you prefer to take. Most of the RFID journals and sources has reported positively on the benefits of RFID tagging children and teachers in schools with RFID. However, when the question arises “Are there any health risks with exposure to UHF radio frequency?” experts advises in response ““people should remain at least 1 meter (3.3 feet) from a uhf reader”.

WHO considers active RFID / Ultra High Frequency (UHF) electromagnetic radiation carcinogenic in nature that can cause cancer and tumors.

If we still tag our students and teachers with UHF tags, schools should be ready for litigation claims in near future.

Technical Limitation of UHF for School Attendance?

A passive ultra-high frequency (UHF) system offers a longer read range, so if students were to wear RFID tags, it could pick them up automatically. However, water absorbs RF energy at the UHF frequencies and the human body is mostly composed of water, so it can be a challenge to read tags consistently and reading accuracy is not satisfactory.

UHF doesn't work with water

UHF Limitations for Human Body

There are other possible RFID solutions for school students’ attendance as well in Low Frequency that are completely safe and not debatable.


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