Radio frequency identification technology is one of the best ways to protect our most important assets- our kids. As we all know risk and challenges are an integral part of parenting, but now with the help of a safe and smart backup of RFID, we have a creative yet safe way to diminish some of the risks and challenges associated with parenting. RFID attendance monitoring systems are quite popular in school and colleges nowadays for an easy management.

Whether you believe it or not, but the most important thing in schools and colleges right now is attendance. And it is tough to manage attendance in schools and colleges manually because of the vast number of students and staff attending. That is why, an RFID based attendance system is much needed, to ensure that every class and lecture is counted for.

Attendance is a compulsion in most universities, schools, and colleges, so it is natural that it should be stored and calculated in a way that is easily accessible to everyone. It also eliminates the hassle of paperwork and saves a lot of space. It is a mandate in many universities that the attendance should be above 80 percent otherwise students are not allowed to sit for their exams or at times are even expelled from their schools. RFID attendance systems for schools also help ease up the workforce and can operate all day long with little to no surveillance required.

How RFID Attendance System for Schools Work

The RFID scanners, which use radio waves, are what makes the RFID system work. What it records is the information on your identity card, your fingerprint and then registers them with the current date, successfully marking your attendance. They are mostly seen in multinational corporations and also in railway stations or airports. This helps the management in keeping a perfect track of some people that enter the Institute on a regular basis.

The fingerprint technology, also known as the biometric technology, is useful for singling out individuals and keeping a record of each person separately.  This technique was first applied by major IT companies, as there were a lot of individuals with the same names and the only way to distinguish them was by their fingerprints. This avoided a lot of confusion.

One System for All

Coming back to schools and colleges, the combination of radio wave scanners and biometric technology makes the entire RFID system. It is quick and relatively hassle-free and is very easily accessible. The attendance can be monitored by everyone as long as they are a part or related to someone who is a part of that said school or college.

That means everyone, from the highest figure of authority of that Institute to the regular student or the parent of the student; everyone can see what the status of their attendance is. These systems are not only for students. Monitoring staff is an important aspect of this too. So, the team also goes through the same levels of security as the students.

The other upside to these systems is that it provides the highest level of security. It can’t be tricked by a person who does not have the credentials required to access it. This means that unauthorized entry is completely forbidden and it is not possible for it to be hacked. This also means that the students can’t get out of their schools without anyone knowing (about time). This also means that there will be no errors regarding attendance in any way.

High time to make the change

Finally, in this time of speeding technology, RFID scanners are a blessing in disguise since they eliminate almost all the hassle which comes along with managing the attendance of a vast number of people. It usually just requires a programmer and a couple of other mechanics which is a lot lesser than the human resources it would usually take to manage attendance records in the paper. There are tons of people working long shifts, and even then sometimes there are errors which is almost non-existent with the RFID scanners. A RFID attendance system for schools or any RFID based attendance system is something every organization needs