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Pros and Cons of Rfid based Student Attendance System for Schools

No technology comes with its disadvantages and RFID based student attendance system for schools is no exception to this. To begin with, lets start with pros of RFID attendance system. Each technological development or new innovation or technical advancement has its… Continue Reading →

Students Tracking with RFID just an Imagination or The Part of Futuristic Schools

In today’s electronic age, Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) have become an integral part of our lives. From passports to libraries to payment cards, all come equipped with RFID chips and are gradually replacing bar-code labels on consumer goods. Child… Continue Reading →

Is RFID attendance system new to us? No, this is being used in corporate world for long time to track employees attendance and working hours. Obviously companies won’t like to waste productive work hours in monitoring and taking manual attendance… Continue Reading →

How RFID Connecting Parents, Students and School Smartly

Radio frequency identification technology is one of the best ways to protect our most important assets- our kids. As we all know risk and challenges are an integral part of parenting, but now with the help of a safe and… Continue Reading →

How to Choose Right RFID System

Looking at number of RFID systems available in market, its quite challenging to pick the right once especially when each of the vendor available in market try to sell solution with they are most familiar and comfortable. Without knowing about… Continue Reading →

Possible Health Issues with UHF in Schools? RFID is being used by a number of schools to track student attendance. The right solution depends on what approach you prefer to take. Most of the RFID journals and sources has reported positively… Continue Reading →

How RFID in Schools Impact Education

Technology is all around us and school colleges are not exception to that. We are moving towards a world of connected devices and it will be great to see how RFID for school will shape future education and Kids’ safety…. Continue Reading →

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