GPS School Bus Tracking System

World has changed very dramatically. Parents are having very busy schedules and its full of agony to wait on bus stop for 20-30 mins. But at the same time, they are more concerned about their child's safety. Imagine if you get a sms alert just 5 mins before the bus reach your stop and you board your child on bus in front of your eyes. Life couldn’t be simpler, could it? This system will ease the pressure of time and keep your child safe. The GPS location of school bus can be tracked continuoulsy on your mobile and in case there is any deviation from its target destination, school management and parents get sms alerts. GPS school bus tracking system helps schools build healthy relations with parents and shows their committment towards child safety.

School buses are under constant pressure to provide a safe, reliable service to the students and their parents and also to raise profits for the fleet owners. So School Pixa provides a highly automated and customizable GPS school bus tracking system for student safety and to reduce the stress on the drivers as well as on the transportation department of the School. They are feeling insecure when their child’s are out of the house. Since last 3-4 years the graph of crime is rising gradually every day. If you wish to save yourself the time and agony of worrying each day and hour whether or not your child has reached / left the school safely, then Child Safety is your only Answer! Now whether you are at work or home you can

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